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API Docs

OpenAPI docs

Once you configured your Ninja API and started runserver - go to

You will see the automatic, interactive API documentation (provided by the OpenAPI / Swagger UI

CDN vs staticfiles

You are not required to put django ninja to INSTALLED_APPS. In that case the interactive UI is hosted by CDN.

To host docs (Js/css) from your own server - just put "ninja" to INSTALLED_APPS - in that case standard django staticfiles mechanics will host it.

Switch to Redoc

Use NINJA_DOCS_VIEW in Django settings


Then you will see the alternative automatic documentation (provided by Redoc).

Hiding docs

In case you do not need to display interactive documetation - set docs_url argument to None

api = NinjaAPI(docs_url=None)

Protecting docs

To protect docs with authentication (or decorate for some other use case) use docs_decorator argument:

from django.contrib.admin.views.decorators import staff_member_required

api = NinjaAPI(docs_decorator=staff_member_required)