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Request parsers

In most cases default content type for REST apis is JSON. But in a case you need to work with other content types (like yaml, xml, csv) or use faster JSON parsers Django Ninja provides parser configuration.

api = NinjaAPI(parser=MyYamlParser())

To create your own parser you need to extend ninja.parser.Parser class and override parse_body method.

Example YAML Parser

Let's crate our custom YAML parser:

import yaml
from typing import List
from ninja import NinjaAPI
from ninja.parser import Parser

class MyYamlParser(Parser):
    def parse_body(self, request):
        return yaml.safe_load(request.body)

api = NinjaAPI(parser=MyYamlParser())

class Payload(Schema):
    ints: List[int]
    string: str
    f: float'/yaml')
def operation(request, payload: Payload):
    return payload.dict()

Now if you send yaml like this as request body:

 - 0
 - 1
string: hello
f: 3.14

it will be correctly parsed and you shoud have json output like this:

  "ints": [
  "string": "hello",
  "f": 3.14

Example ORJSON Parser

orjson is a fast, correct JSON library for Python. It benchmarks as the fastest Python library for JSON and is more correct than the standard json library or other third-party libraries.

pip install orjson

Parser code:

import orjson
from ninja import NinjaAPI
from ninja.parser import Parser

class ORJSONParser(Parser):
    def parse_body(self, request):
        return orjson.loads(request.body)

api = NinjaAPI(parser=ORJSONParser())